How do I change the layout of my Featured Articles?

On your 'Options' screen to change the layout of your articles...

  • Go to the 'Content ' Article Manager'' menu.  
  • Click the 'Options' button at the top right of your screen to change your settings

Or you can go to 'Options' from the the 'Category Manager' and Featured Articles screens.  You can do the same thing in global configurations.

This will be your default settings throughout your site including your home page.

  • Click the 'Blog/Featured Layouts' tab. You will see '# Leading Articles', '# Intro Articles' and '# Columns' fields.
  • Type in the number of '# Leading Articles'. This will show the number of articles at the top of your page that are full width.
  • Type in the number of  '# Intro Articles' to appear on your page.  'Intro Articles' are the first part (intro) of each of your articles.  For 'Intro Articles' text to only show up you must already have put a 'Read More 'link directly into your articles.
  • Type in the number of '# Columns' you want your 'Intro Articles' to appear.  Usually it is 1 to 4 columns. More than that, your text becomes difficult to read in narrow columns.
  • Type in the number of '# Links' you wish to appear at the bottom of your 'Intro Articles'.   This is a list of the titles of your additional articles.  If you do not want any links, then type in '0'.
  • Select the  'Multi Column Order' drop down menu: 'Across' or Dow'.  This will determine the order of your articles in your columns.  Most site owners will choose 'Across' as it is easier for your visiters to read.


On your 'Options' screen to change the the order of your 'Featured Articles'....

  • Go to the 'Article Manager' 
  • Click on the 'Options' button on the top right of your screen.
  • Click the 'Shared Options' tab.

These settings apply for the default settings in List, Blog and Featured Articles unless they are changed by the menu settings

By default the most recent article is shown first. You can change it to 'Oldest First', 'Title Alphabetical', 'Title Reverse Alphabetical', 'Author Alphabetical', 'Most Hits', 'Least Hits', and 'Ordering'.

In this case select 'Ordering' as you will be able change the ordering as you wish in the 'Featured Articles' screen.

  • Save it and then go back to 'Featured Articles'.

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