When should I back up my website?

  • Back up your site regularly, it could be daily, weekly or monthly.  It depends on your backup strategy.  Before your site crashes or get hacked, decide your frequency for backing it up.  If you have very valuable information that changes frequently, then we recommend to backup daily.  Do not count on your hosting provider for backups because even their server can crash and you lose your site & data.  Keep backups on your computer or another server.
  • Backup your site when you are about to update Joomla
  • Backup your site before updating any Joomla extension or template
  • Test your backups from time to time to make sure that your backups are restorable.  If you need to restore your site and your backup is corrupt, then you are in big trouble.

Backing up regularly your site is an important security measure to protect your site and data.  No one plans on the worst happening, and it may never happen, but if it does, at least you are prepared.




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